Free Sedation Makes Dental Visits Easier

For many types of cosmetic dentistry, sedation makes dental treatments a breeze.

For a limited time (with some restrictions applying), we’re offering free sedation to all of our new patients. Sedation choices include: IV sedation, nitrous oxide, or conscious sedation (which is also called “sleep dentistry” or “oral sedation”). Please note that with IV sedation, this offer applies to just one hour of IV sedation, with a minimum of 90 minutes of sedation required for dental procedures.

Sedation even allows you to tolerate a number of procedures in just a single visit, so if you have a difficult time squeezing dental appointments into your schedule, sedation could be the answer.

We often use sedation with these types of procedures:
dental emergencies
smile makeovers
•crowns and bridges
•root canals

In a free consultation, we can discuss your dental health, your need for treatment, and which type of sedation would be appropriate for you.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call (303) 323-8149, or e-mail  You can also go to our patient reviews page to learn more about our team at Meadows Dental Group.