Here’s What Our Patients Say…

At Meadows Dental Group, our main goal is to provide the very best in dental care, in the most comfortable circumstances possible. Below, you’ll see what our patients have said about Meadows Dental Group …

“Everyone is amazing, professional, and kind! I love how great my teeth look and feel.”
Molli L.

“Staff was friendly and honest. Dr. Peppler made me feel at ease about my wisdom teeth removal.”

“One of the very best experiences I’ve ever had in a dental office. This is despite the fact that it was an extraction of the very back tooth that was broken into pieces. How they managed the extraction painlessly, I’ll never know. Everything was professionally done, from the polite and caring office staff to the procedure itself.”
Pamela L.

“Very professional and thorough. An excellent facility with state-of-the-art technology. I look forward to having Dr. O’Leary as my dentist for years to come.”

“Great staff, very caring, and I appreciated the fact that they truly listen to their patients. Dr. Peppler is not only a great individual, but also does outstanding work.”

“Very professional office. I really get uptight coming to the dentist, and Dr. O’Leary and his assistant Rhoni made me feel very comfortable.”

“What a great team of talented individuals! We had a family visit which included our 3 year old daughter, and they made her feel like a princess! This team was so very patient, and gives us a new perspective on going to the dentist.”

“Being treated as if I’m the most important patient they have made me feel relaxed and optimistic for my future dental care.”

“Kind, professional staff! Everybody made me feel relaxed.”
Beth K.

“I’m always worried about my teeth being sore and tender when I get done at the dentist, but yesterday’s visit was painless. Yeah!”

“The great people at Meadows Dental Group have helped me resolve a very difficult dental issue and created a treatment plan that has brought me back to perfect teeth and gums. Way to go!!!”
Carolyn D.

“Absolutely love this practice! Every time we go in, they are very gentle and caring and make you feel comfortable. I also love that they never rip you off with services that are not needed. They always work with you to make your plan of action affordable. Even my children are excited to come see them!

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